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004 is one of the 00 agents in The Living Daylights. He was killed by the assassin Imposter 00.

Film Biography

At the beginning of the movie, 004, James Bond, and 002 parachute out of an MI6 airplane onto the Rock of Gibraltar, in Gibraltar, Spain, as a training exercise.


While 002 is captured by the guards stationed there, 004 starts scaling the mountain, when an assassin shows up. He kills a guard nearby with a shotgun, and sends a note down to 004, before pulling out a switchblade pocket knife and severing 004's grappling rope, causing him to fall to his death at the rocks below. Before he died, he let out a scream of defiance, altering Bond, who witnessed the events of his fellow agent's murder.

Bond descended down the mountain and took the note from 004's lifeless body, the note reading, "Smiert Spionam" (Death to Spies). Vengeful, Bond tracked down the assassin and subsequently killed him, avenging 004's death.

Behind the scenes

004 was portrayed by Frederick Warder.

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