009 is the code number of a '00 Agent' who is briefly mentioned (but not seen) in the 2015 film Spectre. To date, across the James Bond franchise as a whole, there have been five individuals who have held the number 009.

Film biography

009 is first mentioned during Bond's introduction to the Aston Martin DB10 by Q. The vehicle was originally meant for Bond to use but it was reassigned for 009, much to Bond's disappointment. When 009 arrives the following morning to pick up the DB10, Q proceeds into the workshop only to find that Bond has stolen the car and departed for Rome. Later, when 007 is pursued by Spectre assassin Mr. Hinx, it is revealed that one of the car's cryptically-labelled switches ("atmosphere") enables 009's music playlist - namely, New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.



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