The Queen Sequence - Opening Ceremony - London 2012 Olympic Games06:16

The Queen Sequence - Opening Ceremony - London 2012 Olympic Games

Multimedia and stunt production from opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games in London included a multimedia and stunt production portraying James Bond escorting Elizabeth II to the ceremony.


007 arrives via black cab at Buckingham Palace while the Queen is writing a letter. An aide introduces him and James and Elizabeth depart by helicopter, overflying London. Many onlookers wave, and even the statue of Churchill smiles and greets them. At dusk, they arrive over the stadium, bail out, and parachute to earth.

Behind the scenes

The parachute jump as seen by the spectators on the ground was performed by stunt doubles for Bond/Craig (Mark Sutton) and the Queen (Gary Connery). Elizabeth had already arrived on the stadium grounds some time earlier.

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