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The AK-47 is a rifle that appears in some James Bond movies including GoldenEye, Octopussy, and The Living Daylights and video games including Everything or Nothing, GoldenEye (2010) and Tomorrow Never Dies (video game).


Milled receiver Kalashnikov rifles, and a few AKSs, are used by virtually all of the Soviet soldiers in the movie. The East German border guards also use milled-receiver AKs.

Russian infantry in many levels of games carry AKM's incorrectly labelled as "AK-47s," sometimes with a Kobra red dot sight attached. In the Wii version, this scope is incorrectly shown attached directly to the top of the receiver cover instead of mounted via the bracket on the side of the receiver; this is probably because the Wii version has the fire selector mounted on the wrong side of the weapon and therefore could not depict the correct bracket location. In Reloaded it is still mounted incorrectly, since it is shown attached with an MP5-style scope mount attached to a random part of the receiver. The AKM is fitted with a smooth AK-47 type handguard rather than the "palm swell" AKM handguard. The reload from empty animation in Reloaded has Bond make the rather bizarre choice of holding the action open with his right hand while swapping magazines with his left; this would make some sense if the weapon was shouldered, but due the the inherent false perspective of an FPS it appears Bond's main point of contact with the weapon is gripping the top of the stock with his armpit.

In the Wii version it has semi and fully automatic fire modes, while it is auto only in Reloaded. Appears in Goldeneye 007(Wii). In both games, it is a weak assault rifle with poor range and accuracy. It appears in the single player levels frequently, sometimes bearing a reflex sight or a laser sight. It can be fitted with a reflex sight, a grenadier, a laser sight, or a thermal scope in the online mode. It is unlocked at rank 3 in the GoldenEye 007 (2010) online mode, while a player starts off with the AK in Reloaded's online play at rank 1. The AK is also seen in the hands of the hero, Ourumov, in the online game mode "Heroes". It is much more powerful in the hands of Ourumov, has infinite ammo, and is attached with a grenadier bearing two grenades.


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