ATAC Device
The A.T.A.C or Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator is a device used by the Ministry of Defence to communicate and co-ordinate the Royal Navy's fleet of Polaris submarines. It only appeared in the 1981 film, For Your Eyes Only.

Film appearance

In the film For Your Eyes Only, the plot is about the recovering of the A.T.A.C system. It was lost in the Ionian Sea after the British spy ship St. Georges is sunk after hauling an old mine in its fishing nets. Before the crew drown to death, a handcuffed crew member tried to set the device to self-destruct but failed to do so.

Later, Sir Timothy Havelock, marine archaeologist and MI6 agent, tried to locate the wreakage but he and his wife were murdered by Hector Gonzales. The British government feared if the A.T.A.C is fallen in the wrong hands their submarines might target Britain's own cities.

Bond is sent to find out who hired Gonzales but is beaten by Melina Havelock however Bond saw the man who paid Gonzales. Bond is led to Aristotle Kristatos and Kristatos tell Bond the man is employed by Milos Columbo. But Columbo explains to Bond that Kristatos is employ to the KGB to recover the A.T.A.C. With the help of Melina, Bond found the wreakage and recovered the A.T.A.C unfortunalty Kristatos's men tries to steal the A.T.A.C.

Back on Melina's ship, Kristatos steal the A.T.A.C and tries to kill Bond and Havelock but failed to kill them. He decided to meet General Gogol at an abandoned mountaintop monastary in St. Cyril to hand over the A.T.A.C. Bond, Melina and with the help of Columbo and his men infiltrated the monastary and retrieved the A.T.A.C. When Gogol arrived to pick up the A.T.A.C Bond threw the A.T.A.C over the cliff thus destroying the A.T.A.C.


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