Admiral Roebuck is a character in the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies. He is played by Geoffrey Palmer.

Film biography

Admiral Roebuck engages in a heated argument with M over firing a cruise Missile from the HMS Chester into the Khyber Pass taking out half of the world's terrorists at an arms deal. Although M wishes for James Bond to investigate more an impatient Roebuck telephones the Chester and orders it to fire a missile at the deal. Roebuck then discovers there are two nuclear torpedoes at the deal and the missile he sent is too far to be remote detonated, but the tragedy is diverted when Bond removes them before the missile strikes. Later Roebuck favours war against China after HMS Devonshire sinks at the supposed hands of the Chinese. M however asks the Minister of Defence to give Bond time to investigate.

During the climax, M arrived to inform Roebuck that Bond's message confirms that Elliot Carver has been manipulating the conflict and informs to have his men search for a Stealth Ship though it would not be until after Bond exposes the ship on radar that the Royal Navy has been ordered to attack it.

Behind the scenes