Ahmed Salam is a fictional Kuwaiti medic and intelligence operative who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage.

Game biography

Left an orphan after a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at a busy market, his mother died of blood loss in front of him. Ahmed swore he would do what he could to save the lives of the innocent. As he navigates the complicated world of politics and deception, he finds that making the right moral choices is sometimes as challenging as performing surgery under artillery fire.[1] He has skills in medicine, survival and driving, and is multi-lingual, speaking Arabic, English and Malay. The character offers a Defense buff and provides a +6 bonus to stamina using medical kits and 1% chance to spend no stamina in Conflict using fireproof overcoats. He is an "uncommon agent" (green) and can be levelled to level 15.



  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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