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Alura McCall is a fictional Australian intelligence operative. The character appears in the 2002 James Bond video game 007: Nightfire and was voiced by Kimberly Davies.

Game biography

An Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) agent, Alura McCall comes to Bond's aid in Tokyo, rescuing him from the Phoenix Building in her red sports car. M sends the pair to antagonist Raphael Drake's private island, where the industrialist has set up a jamming signal. The pair infiltrate the island and eliminate Drake's defences. During the game's climax aboard the space defence platform, she assists 007 in preventing the launch of Drake's nuclear weapons. The game ends with Alura offering Bond a martini in his Aston Martin. 007 engages the vehicle's autopilot system and as their seats recline the submersible vehicle slowly reverses into the ocean; implying a romantic ending to their relationship.


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