Anaelle Brouchard is a fictional French cryptographer associated with Dauphin Baleine. The character appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage, during its Slow Down Faster story-line.

Game biography

Despite her reputation as a naive and optimistic girl, Anaelle pursued studies in cryptography and computer science, As she further descended into the world of the 'ark net' she began to live a complex life, with multiple online identities who no one could trace back to her. [1] James Bond first encounters Brouchard after his initial contact in the Alps, Justine Dubois, points him in her direction believing that she is in possession of a key which he is searching for. The pair dine together, during which it is revealed that her key was given the key by her jealous 'friend', Ludovic de Baleine.

Later Baleine's henchman Dragomir wounds 007 and he encounters Anaelle in the chalet the Dauphin bought for her. The pair spend the night together. Baleine is aware of this, and with his assassins combing the mountain for the pair, MI6 send an extraction team led by Sigrid Ganer to rescue them. After the group comes under fire, 007 orders them to flee with the Anaelle, as he draws their fire. After evading the assassins and reuniting with Anaelle, 007 and his French smuggler contact Justine Dubois infiltrate Baleine's fortress by helicopter, while Anaelle attempts to distract the Dauphin. Bond succeeds at destroying his base of operations and foils his scheme to topple the EU.

Reclusive, she is skilled in computing, jewelcraft and cryptography, and is multilingual, speaking French, German, English and Dutch. The character offers a chance to gain +2000 money from missions and provides +25 total offence using low-frequency pulse devices, a 2% chance to avoid damage using private jets, and 2% reduction to specialisation powers costs using instant translators. She is a 'rare agent' (blue) and can be levelled to level 25.


  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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