Anton Kostler was a fictional film director who served as the main antagonist in the 2012 Young Bond Novel Shoot to Kill.

Novel Biography

Shoot to Kill

Anton Kostler was a film director who, after his wife died, became convinced that life was meaningless and then developed a taste for watching people be killed, filming it, and creating films based around it. He eventually enlisted established experimental schoolmaster, Dr. Leaver, to put his name on various "Kostler Academies" around the world, in order to instill his warped worldview, and to take control of the world by taking control of the media. He hired gangsters to be his "security staff", and to carry out torture jobs on individuals he wanted control of. Eventually, A Mr. Stuart Sloaman was sent a torture film reel by mistake, and he tried to use it to blackmail Kostler into giving him a job. Kostler then marked him and his associates for death, and after a long game of discovering who knew about the film reel and who could tie it to him, he finally had Sloaman killed in his old filming warehouse. James Bond then attempted to foil Kostler with a Spy from Britain, who had also been on his trail. Kostler then took his son and a hostage aboard his private zeppelin and prepared to escape, but Bond was there, and took out his captain. In an attempt to stop the madness, Dr. Leaver ignited the hydrogen gas in the balloon, and Kostler, his son, and his associates were burned alive. Kostler survived the initial fire long enough to pursue Bond, but as the ship hit a forest on the way down, a tree branch speared Kostler through his left eye.