Secret Base (James Bond 007, GB) 3

Interior shot of the secret base with stockpiled tanks and munitions, as seen in James Bond 007 (1998).

The arms cartel secret base is a fictional arms stockpiling and distribution centre operated by the Golgov arms cartel. Its location is not revealed. The site appears in the 1998 James Bond video-game James Bond 007 for the Nintendo Game Boy.


Investigating an arms smuggling ring operated by rogue Russian General Golgov, British agent James Bond tracks Golgov's subordinate Oddjob to a Tibetan Temple, where he is promptly ambushed by the Korean and over a dozen armed men. He is taken prisoner and brought back to their secret base for interrogation. His gadgets back in Tibet, Bond resigns himself to his fate. Suddenly he is rescued from his cell by former enemy Zhong Mae, who explains that she only assisted the arms cartel to raise money to defend her village. While she goes to find and decipher the security system, Bond confronts Oddjob for more information on the Cartel's master plan. Defeated, Oddjob pleads for mercy and reveals that Golgov is amassing an army to crush the West in retaliation for Russian nuclear disarmament.



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