600px-Arsenal Firearms LRC-2 - 1

Arsenal Firearms LRC-2

The Arsenal Firearms LRC-2 was a Russian and Italy pistol and a gadget that was used by James Bond in the film Spectre.


  • Production: 2015-present
  • Type: Pistol (converted to the rifle)
  • Weight: (24.69 oz)
  • Length: 300 mm (12 inch)
  • Barrel Length (s): 5" (12)
  • Capacity: 17+1 rounds
  • Fire modes: Semi-Auto


This LRC-2 is the pistol rifle that is a fab defense extension with the 300 mm (12 inch) steinless steel barrel available in 9 luger only that shoots fast and aims more accurate for the long range accuracy shooting for the first time with an standard type. The LRC-2 features a in-line barrel in the front and it's attached with the Arsenal Firearms AF-1 pistol and included the locking system allows you to switch the firing rate of the 12 inch barrel. This LRC-2 mounts the scoped optic sights, red dots, collimators and night visions allowing 100% shots for accuracy.In SPECTRE's Opening sequence it has the blue laser aiming device and a silencer to take out Sciarra's henchmen from the penthouse in Mexico.


601px-Spectre lrc-2

Bond with the LRC-2


Bond firing his LRC-2

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