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Stromberg's Assistant was an unnamed character in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The character played a small role as the secretary/assistant to the villain Karl Stromberg. She was portrayed by Marilyn Galsworthy. Her death is similar to Helga Brandt's as they were both fed to carnivious animals (Brandt was fed to piranhas).

Film biography

In the film, Stromberg requests her to leave the dining room and she goes into the elevator but Stromberg presses a button which makes the floor give away and she falls into a shark tank while a tannoy of Stromberg calling saying that it was her who betrayed him, selling out his information and she is going to pay the penalty. The shark swims after her and she is eaten by it.

Later, when Bond poses as a marine biologist to meet with Stromberg, he notices her chewed off arm at the bottom of a fish tank.

Novelization biography

In the novel, her name is Kate Chapman. She is a beautiful, tall and slim young brunette in her mid 20's who is working as a discreet secretary for Stromberg. However, she sold her boss's film on the black market for her own profit and her boss decides to make her pay a terrible price for this.

While she is quietly taking notes for her boss during his meeting with Markovitz and Bechmann, wearing a pretty black dress with a little white collar, she is asked by Stromberg to go to a secret room which is supposed to contain a safe. However, the room is empty and Kate begins to worry for herself when she gets locked in it by the door behind her. Thinking of a technical problem, she tries to push a button but nothing happens. She is then astonished to be put face to face with an enormous glass wall with tons of water and fishes behind it and starts to panic, thinking that the glass could possibly break. But while she tries to calm herself out loud, thinking her boss would not take her in a dangerous place and wondering what could be happening to her and where she could be, she suddenly sees an enormous shark amongst all the fishes. She shrinks back with terror and screams. She then falls to her knees and starts to sob histerically while looking at the shark's terrifying rows of jagged teeth, wondering what this nightmare meant and what she could do to avoid finishing torn apart by this horrific fish, when the glass suddenly cracks. Horrified, the poor girl yells, scrambles to her feet and vainly tries to push the cracking glass with her manicured hands, but of course she cannot stop anything. While the water drives her skirt above her lovely legs and soft thighs, she screams words with no meaning, imploring for help while no one can listen to her and realizing that she was really going to meet this horrible end in a few seconds without knowing the reason of it. A louder then activates and Stromberg's voice tells the crying secretary that she is going to pay for what she did with the film. The water rises quickly above her supplicant and terrified face, and the sharks plunges to eat the girl. In the other room, Stromberg and his two shocked associates are looking at Kate's fate on a screen. The shark has the young girl by the thigh and is worrying her like a bone when the leg comes away from her body. Then, they see the shark putting its teeth around Kate's waist, while she is apparently still alive, howling in extreme pain under the water and trying to push away the animal's head, when the sharks definitely kills her in a thick red cloud of blood under Stromberg's approving eye.

Behind the scenes

Galsworthy has no lines (she did cry out for help in some versions) in the film.

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