The Aston Martin DB10 is a coupe produced by the British manufacturer Aston Martin specifically for the 2015 film Spectre.The car was unveiled by Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli, the director and producer of Spectre, the 24th James Bond film from EON Productions. The unveiling took place as part of the official press launch of the film on the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios, near London, on 4 December 2014. Mendes introduced the car as "the first cast member". According to the film's producers, EON Productions, the film will feature the Aston Martin DB10 as its starring car. This continues the tradition, with Aston Martins having featured in several 007 films. This DB10 was a successor to the half V8 Vantage and half One-77 because of the CEO Andy Palmer to make it look like a smaller version to the One-77. However this car looks like a Jaguar E-Type or F-Type that Andy built a similar type like for this DB10.

The DB10 also served another purpose, the DB10 previewed the new styling direction that would Influence on future Aston Martin models in particular the DB11 of 2017 and the forthcoming V8 Vantage of 2018 every single new model from Aston Martins model plan until 2023 will take styling cues from the DB10

James Bond's DB10

In Spectre, Bond is first introduced to the car by Q, who tells him that the car is totally bullet proof and has a few little tricks up its sleeve. However it was originally meant for Bond to use but it was reassigned for 009, much to Bond's disappointment. Bond later steals the car the next day from Q's workshop and heads off to Rome with it. During a chase with Mr. Hinx in his Jaguar, Bond attempts to use the rear machine gun but fails due to there being no ammunition loaded in the gun; this is because the car was only a prototype. However, Bond is able to blast Mr. Hinx's Jaguar with the rear flamethrowers, he then ejects using the ejector seat and parachute, and the car is then destroyed after crashing and sinking in the Tiber river. Q was not happy about this because even though it was a prototype it still cost £3 million to build.


Flamethrowers — The DB10 has two very powerful twin Flamethrowers mounted in the exhausts, they are also extremely effective when used. They are activated by pushing the EXHAUST switch.
Machine gun — There is also a rear mounted double barrel machine gun hidden behind the Aston Martin badge. When in use the badge slides down and the machine gun extends from behind it.
AIR — This is used in conjunction with the driver ejector seat. Before ejecting this switch is initiated first as it jettisons the roof to then allow the driver to eject.
Driver ejector seat — The DB10 also includes an ejector seat with parachute, after initiating the AIR switch first the trigger concealed beneath the flip-cap on the gear-stick can be used. When pressed the driver seat is jettisoned along with its occupant; and the driver can then parachute to safety.
HUD — Working in conjunction with the rear machine gun, the heads up display appears as a digital image on the rear view mirror. It allows the rear machine gun to lock onto a target behind the car if being pursued.
Phone holder — Inside the car is a built-in phone holder; and when in use the phone itself is able to display information directly to bond straight from Moneypenny. Its main purpose is for receiving intelligence from MI6.
Body armour — The cars entire body and windows have been reinforced to withstand impact damage from conventional firearms. The windshield and rear windscreen are also bullet-proof. Bullets don't even mark the body, leaving no trace of any damage.



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