Moonraker - Aztec Complex

Interior shots of the Aztec ruins, as seen in Moonraker (1979).

The Aztec Complex was the fictional Amazonian launch site of Hugo Drax's six Moonraker space-shuttles. The hidden facility, built around the ruins of an ancient civilization, appeared in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker. The iconic location would later make an appearance in the 1995 video-game Goldeneye 007.


The complex is built to under an Aztec ruins by Drax Industries as one of the Moonraker launch bases in the Amazon. It's also where are the deadly orchids grow. The orchids were "a curse to a civilization" and the orchids were the cause of the fall of the civilization who built the ruins because the orchids was special to them. The death was caused by long-term exposure to the orchids' pollen caused sterility.

Hugo Drax manage to use the orchids to convert them to a deadly nerve gas so he can wipe out humanity and repopulate the Earth with his master race.

In the film

When Bond is searching for the location of the orchids he follows one of Drax's girls to a pyramid and tried to feed him to a python but Bond manage to escape the snake's grip and got captured again by Jaws. At the computer room Bond witness the launch of the shuttles and Drax revealed his plans for the nerve gas and why he hijacked his stolen shuttle. Bond is put in the exhaust bay so that he and Dr. Goodhead would be burn to death from the shuttle lift off but the two manage to escape by going through a vent. Bond and Goodhead disguise as pilots and escape the complex by riding on Moonraker #6.

In the video game

Images 1

The Aztec complex, as seen in Goldeneye 007 (1995).

In the video game GoldenEye the complex appeared in the bonus level titled "Aztec" and its playable after completing 18 missions in Secret Agent difficulty. The briefing says that the Drax Corporation are scheduled to launch a stolen Moonraker shuttle with an unknown military payload and Bond's mission is to reprogram the shuttle guidance and launch the shuttle. The enemies are drone guns and Moonraker Elites armed with US AR33 Assault Rifles, Moonraker Laser Rifles and grenades. Jaws appears in this level as an enemy and he carries and wield dual US AR33 Rifles. After defeating Jaws Bond must enter the computer room and reprogram the guidance and launch the shuttle at the launching bay to complete the mission.

It is also playable in a multiplayer level but it changed slightly.


  • At the computer room, James Bond's picture and NASA shuttle lift off picture will appear on the monitors.
  • It say the location is in Teotihuaca'n but the ruins are in Mexico and the Aztecs didn't expanded to South America.
  • It is known as one of the hardest levels in the game.





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