FYEO - Bell 206 Jetranger arrives for Bond

Universal Exports Bell 206, as seen in For Your Eyes Only (1981).

The Bell 206 Jetranger is a two-bladed, single-engined helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. The 206 is featured in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only as a helicopter owned and operated by the Secret Intelligence Service's cover organization Universal Exports.


For Your Eyes Only (1981)

The sequence begins with Bond laying flowers at the grave of his wife Tracy Bond, before a Universal Exports helicopter picks him up for an emergency. Control of the helicopter is taken over by remote control by a bald man in a grey Nehru jacket with a white cat. This character is unnamed in either the film or the credits, although he looks and sounds like Ernst Stavro Blofeld as played by Donald Pleasence or Telly Savalas.[1] Director John Glen referred to the identity of the villain obliquely: "We just let people use their imaginations and draw their own conclusions ... It's a legal thing".[2] The character is deliberately not named due to copyright restrictions with Kevin McClory, who at that time owned the film rights to Thunderball, which supposedly included the character Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the organisation SPECTRE, and other material associated with the development of Thunderball.[3] Eon disputed McClory's ownership of the Blofeld character, but decided not to use him again: the scene was "a deliberate statement" by producer Albert R. Broccoli "of his lack of need to use the character."[4]



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