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"Mr.Somerset? Right this way please."
― Bella speaking to Bond.
"I'm afraid your interview with Miss Malprave is delayed.In the meantime you can enjoy the view."
― Babe speaking to Bond.

Bella and Bebe are minor characters in the 2001 videogame Agent Under Fire. They are voiced by Lois Wong.  


Bella and Bebe are identical twins and the personal assistants of Adrian Malprave. Due to their indiscernible appearance and their boss' known tendency for genetic tampering, the two are most likely engineered clones, similar to the Super Thugs. During their brief and only appearance in the game's story, both enter Malprave's office and inform Bond (posing as a journalist named Somerset) that his interview with their employer has been delayed. Their fate is unknown but the two most likely perished in the blast that destroyed Malprave's base. One of the two appears as a playable character in the game's multiplayer, though it is unclear which one it is, as the character is simply identified as Twin.  


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