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Albert R. "Bert" Saxby was a fictional character from the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. One of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's leading henchmen, Saxby was portrayed by King Kong star Bruce Cabot (who passed away the following year).

Film biographyEdit

Bert Saxby worked for Willard Whyte, until Blofeld took over; Saxby then became Blofeld's right-hand man. James Bond impersonated Saxby to get the whereabouts of Whyte in order to rescue him. He was shot and killed by CIA agents while attempting to assassinate Willard Whyte. As the dead Saxby tumbled down a hill, Whyte spouted one of the movie's best-remembered deadpan-lines: "Tell him he's fired!"



His name is a direct reference to James Bond film-producer Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli.

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