Bheka Jordaan is a Zulu South African police officer in the 2011 Bond novel Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver.

Novel Biography


Bheka is a member of the reformed "new" South African police. She has a strong sense of duty and was given the gold cross for bravery. She refuses to work outside of the law, as this was what the former police force did. She lives in a small house in a housing subdivision of Cape Town. Her grandmother lives with her and rotates between living with Bheka's sisters. She is presumed dead by the bullets of Niall Dunne, but it is revealed that the blood on her shirt was that of Severan Hydt, who she had been standing near when he was shot. Jordaan is of Zulu ancestry.

Carte Blanche

Bheka meets Bond at the South African airport. She then aids Bond in keeping track of Severan Hydt, but was unwilling to infiltrate his building due to there not being proper cause to do so. After Bond found proper evidence, Bheka brought the South African Police force to arrest Hydt and his associates, but Hydt was shot and killed by Niall Dunne, whom Bheka and Bond tracked through the field behind the Green Way International building, and killed.

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