The Boat Captain is the captain of Sévérine's boat. He is a tertiary henchman in the 2012 film Skyfall where he is played by Serbian actor Milorad Kapor.

Film biography

After the scene of casino in Shanghai, the Boat Captain is briefly introduced into the boat, with Sévérine.

Later, the captain and his crew take 007 and Sévérine hostages. In the Warship Island, the captain and two others henchmen escort Bond.

The captain is also present during throughout meeting with his boss, Raoul Silva. He acts as a guard.

After the meeting, Bond and the villains go outside and they seen Sévérine. Silva place a small glass of alcohol on her head and forcing Bond to try to knock it off her head with a shot from an old single- shot flintlock pistol. The captain points his weapon at the Bond's head. Sadly, after the death of Sévérine, Bond struggles the captain and the other guards, pulling the leg of the captain and fighting the henchmen. During the fight, one of the guards attempt to shot Bond and the spy spins the captain into the path of the bullet and the captain is accidentally shot to his death by the henchman. After his death, 007 kills the killer of the captain and Silva is soon arrested by MI6.