Bob Conley is a supporting antagonist who appears in the 1985 film A View to a Kill, portrayed by the late American actor Manning Redwood.

Film biography

Bob Conley was a geologist. His previous job was chief engineer in a South African gold mine. After a cave-in killed twenty miners, Conley fled South Africa, as it was believed it could have been preventable. After his geological reputation had been ruined, at some point Conley fell in with Zorin Industries. Now he is an irresponsible oil executive who is in charge of Max Zorin's oil reclamation project in the San Francisco Bay. Conley is actually pumping seawater into the Hayward Fault, an activity that can lead to a major earthquake in the region. He works as Max Zorin's mining engineer for Operation Main Strike. Conley apparently has much power in Zorin Industries, as Zorin is later overheard saying that if there is any delay in the plans, Conley will be held personally responsible. Despite getting the Main Strike plans on schedule, Conley realizes that Zorin plans to betray him and his men and attacks Zorin only to be knocked unconscious by Scarpine. Conley drowns in the flooding of the mine. It could be argued that he was akin to May Day's change in sides, however Conley never was in a position to confront Bond, and his anger at Zorin for the realization of betrayal was out of a sense of self-preservation more than a desire to repent for wrongdoing (as May Day aided Bond in the last minutes of her life).


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