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Bob Conley is a minor villain in A View to a Kill. Conley is played by Manning Redwood.

Film biographyEdit

Bob Conley was a geologist. His previous job was chief engineer in a South African gold mine. He left in a hurry after a cave-in killed 20 miners. Now he is an irresponsible oil executive who is in charge of Max Zorin's oil reclamation project in the San Francisco Bay. Conley is actually pumping seawater into the Hayward Fault, an activity that can lead to a major earthquake in the region. He works as Max Zorin's mining engineer for Operation Main Strike. Conley also handles Zorin's oil interest in the East Bay. Later Conley realises that Zorin plans to betray him and his men and attacks Zorin only to be knocked unconscious by Scarpine (Patrick Bauchau). Conley drowns in the flooding of the mine.

Bob Conley (Manning Redwood) - Profile

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