Bonita is a belly dancer who appears in the pre-title sequence of the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger and is portrayed by Nadja Regin. She is a lover of James Bond but later betrays him and attempts to aid in his assassination.

Film biography

Bonita is a beautiful young female dancer who dances the tarantella at the El Scorpio nightclub in Mexico. She secretly works with Mr. Ramirez, a major heroin smuggler who works nearby.

After James Bond blows up Ramirez's heroin lab, he visits Bonita, who is in the middle of a bath. When they kiss and prepare to make love, she pulls away complaining that his gun is hurting her. She then asks why he always has to wear it and Bond replies by saying that he has a slight inferiority complex.  He takes the gun off, leaving himself disarmed. She then double-crosses Bond by setting him up to get hit on the head as she distracts him. But Bond sees the assassin, Capungo, in Bonita's eye and quickly spins around using her as a shield to block the blow. She survives though, and after electrocuting Capungo in the bathtub, Bond exits with the phrase "Truly shocking."


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