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Boris Grishenko (Борис Грищенко) was a Russian computer technician at the GoldenEye control center in Severnaya, Siberia. He appeared a henchman to Alec Trevalyn in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye and was portrayed by Alan Cumming.

Film biographyEdit

He is a brilliantly talented computer programmer and hacker; he is also a backstabbing, arrogant misogynist, who sexually harasses his female coworkers, has a nervous habit of clicking spring loaded ballpoint pens, and twirling before resuming the clicking motion while concentrating on a task, and shouts "I am invincible!" whenever he succeeds. He callously treats the women he works with like sexual objects and arrogantly dismisses Natalya's computer skills, which prove to be above even his.

Boris worked at the Severnaya observatory in Siberia which watched over the two weapons satellites, Petya and Mischa. Boris disappeared when he was "going for a cigarette" and was never seen again. He had actually slipped away and flew off with General Arkady Ouromov and Xenia Onatopp, having allied himself with them and Alec Trevelyan to steal the GoldenEye satellite.

He was moved to Cuba to help operate the satellite. When Natalya Simonova was captured there, she attacked him in a fit of rage for allying himself with the enemy, and during the scuffle, accidently got hold of 007's pen grenade. His mishandling of it accidentally detonated the pen, destroying the controls. After the satellite antenna was destroyed, most other operatives had either escaped or been vanquished in the explosion. Boris, however, had been unable to escape but survived the initial result. Delighted at himself for not perishing in the flames, he let his guard down, screaming, "Yes! I am invincible!" again.

A vat of liquid nitrogen used for resources blew up above him, releasing liquid nitrogen onto him and freezing him which also resulted in his death.

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