Boudicca "Boody" Pryce was an engineering student at Dartington Hall in the 2012 Young Bond Novel Shoot to Kill.

Novel Biography

Shoot to Kill

Boody was a student at Dartington Hall in Totnes, England. She was one of four students selected to travel to the United States for a tour of the Kostler Academy. Before she left, she and the other three students watched a film reel of several real torture scenarios, which James Bond Dan Sloaman attempted to return the reel to where Dan had found it, and when they return, Boody informed Bond that she had seen Hugo Grande slip something under his door.

The next day they boarded the Allworld zeppelin, and rode it to Hollywood, where she toured the academy with her colleagues guided by Martyn Kostler, who invited Boody to a party thrown by his father, Anton Kostler. Martyn attempted to force her into romantic actions, but she refused and he slipped her a tranquilizer, and she woke up with Bond nearby in the viewing theater of the old Allworld Studios, in the presence of Anton Kostler and two gangsters, who take her and Bond into the old filming warehouse at the studio, where they are set free in order for the gangsters and Martyn to hunt and kill them.

Boody and Bond were able to escape by climbing set pieces to the catwalk above, and Boody was shot in the ankle. The two were led to the warehouse office by Hugo Grande and an English spy, but they were defeated and Boody was taken hostage by the Kostlers aboard their private zeppelin which caught fire when a man on board sought to end Kostler's violence by igniting the Hydrogen gas inside it. Boody and James then rushed to Kostler's private chamber to find a way out, but were pursued by a severely burned Anton Kostler, who was speared by a tree limb that broke through zeppelin's canvas covering as it hit a forest on its way down.

During the rough landing, Bond was knocked out, and Boody had to drag him to safety. They were reunited with their teacher, and the two shared a kiss before Boody returned to Totnes, while James remained in California for his aunt to pick him up from Mexico.