Brad Tirpitz is a CIA agent in the 1983 James Bond novel Icebreaker by John Gardner

Novel biography


Known as "Bad" Brad, Tirpitz is described as an "a veteran of the old-school CIA who had escaped the multitude of purges which had gone on within his organization's headquarters at Langley, Virginia." Having been acquainted with his collaborators on Operation Icebreaker, Tirpitz tells Bond that he is suspicious of Koyla Mosolov.

Following Rivke Ingber's accident at a land mine explosion, the remaining three agents race sled towards Count von Glöda's lair within the Soviet Union. Along the way, Tirpitz is supposedly killed in a land mine explosion, but Koyla instructs Bond to keep voyaging on. When they arrive at the Ice Palace, Tirpitz miraculously appears, and was supposedly in collaboration with Glöda working under the name, Hans Buchtman. When Gloda desires information on whether London intelligence has a NSAA hostage in custody, Tirpitz assists in the water torturing procedure on Bond, which fails.

Following Mosolov and Glöda's death, Tirpitz arrives to the hospital where Bond had been shot by Glöda in a gun struggle revealing he had not been associated with Glöda at all. Tirptiz explains that the CIA instructed him to make contact with Aarne Tudeer, which he did in Helinski, Finland, after he was suspected of doing arms deal with the Russians. Using his alias name, Glöda gained his trust. Concerning Rivke's real identity, he explains that he did not warn him because he did not know, the CIA did not alert him on this, and Glöda did not disclose this with him and was told late about the "hospital setup."

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