We'll take more care of you

The British Airways Billboard in Rio with the guard at the stewardess' mouth.

A British Airways billboard was used as a joke in Moonraker. Bond, after freeing himself, fights the guards in the ambulance. Then, after winning, he disposes of them. One of the guards is on a stretcher and is swallowed by the BA stewardess. The billboard says "We'll take more care of you"


BA 757-236

The British Airways Boeing 757-236 landing in St Petersburg.

A British Airways Boeing 757-236 was used for Bond's flight to St Petersburg. This is the first time Bond has flown with British Airways.

Die Another Day

British airways first

Bond being served a Vodka Martini by Deborah Moore, Sir Roger Moore's daughter.

On his way home from Cuba, Bond flew in BA Boeing 747-400. He is served a vodka martini by the air hostess, who is played by no one other than Deborah Moore, Sir Roger Moore's daughter. Pierce Brosnan comments that it was lucky he asked for it shaken. He is either referring to the fact that Deborah is shaking and therefore she is causing the tray to shake or they might have been or are experiencing turbulence.

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