The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bucharest is the fictional diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom in Romania. Notable figures included British diplomat Reginald Griffin and Dr. Natalya Damescu took refuge in the building. The facility appears in two levels of the 2001 James Bond video game Agent Under Fire; "Bad Diplomacy" and "Night of the Jackal".


In Hong Kong, James Bond recovers nine blood samples, eight of which contained blood of world leaders. One contains the blood of British diplomat Reginald Griffin, serving in a British embassy in Bucharest, Romania, who is obsessed with protecting a room, outside his jurisdiction, in the embassy. 007 covertly investigates the embassy, and inadvertently meets the CEO of Malprave IndustriesAdrian Malprave, after entering a third-floor bedroom. He acts like a lost security guard and pockets a nearby security card. In an adjacent locked room, he discovers that Griffin has been tortured to death and is attacked by the diplomat's doppelganger. After overcoming the clone, Bond finds an audio message from Identicon Corporation CEO, Nigel Bloch, on Griffin's computer that mentions delivery of "Defective Merchandise" to Malprave Industries, based in Switzerland. Bond takes the information from the computer and escapes. Later analysis of the message reveals "Defective Merchandise" to be a codename for Dr. Natalya Damescu, formerly in the employ of Malprave, now under protection at the same British embassy in Bucharest. She also has inside information to offer. Subsequently, Carla the Jackal, an infamous terrorist who also killed CIA agent Zoe Nightshade, leads a raid on the embassy. Bond fights the terrorists before running into Damescu. After a confrontation with the Jackal, Bond kills her and later recovers Damescu's data chip detailing something known as "Poseidon".



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