CMDR Carter captains the USS Wayne, an American nuclear submarine. He is a character in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Carter was played by Shane Rimmer.

Film biography

Carter first appears when Bond and Anya are transported by helicopter to the USS Wayne in the ocean to continue research on Liparus. When the two battleships are on the surface on the high seas, the huge tanker "swallows" the submarine as he had done before with the British HMS Ranger. Bond, Anya, Carter and the entire crew are rendered by men of Stromberg and put together the commander Talbot and his British crew captured early in the film.

Bond and Carter can however take command of the ship after intense struggle among navy men and henchmen of the lunatic villain and the captain uses the tracking system USS Wayne to change the trajectories of nuclares missiles launched by Stromberg and make them destroy submarines villains themselves. Carter then ordered to immediately destroy Atlantis, the great submarine platform that is home to Stromberg and where he fled, and gives Bond an hour to try to save Anya who is imprisoned in it. After this time, even without Bond to news, he fires the torpedoes that destroy and sink the platform but the two spies had managed to escape shortly before.