Caber is the lead henchman to Dr. Anton Murik, in the 1981 James Bond novel Licence Renewed by John Gardner. He carries a "broad Scots accent".

Novel biography

Licence Renewed

While spying on Murik Castle using a Nitefinder set, James Bond is apprehended by Caber whom suspects him of being a poacher. In his defense, Bond punches Caber in the nose, and cries for Mary Jane Mashkin. Arriving to his aid, Mashkin notices Bond, and has him invited into the castle.

Due to being invited to the Highland Games by Murik at Ascot, Bond is challenged in a wrestling duel to Caber, known as the undefeated Champion of Glen Murcaldy. Bond manages to defeat Caber, though he uses Q'ute's Dunhill lighter filled with the anesthetic Halothane, which he sprays on Caber's mouth and nose. Though Caber is still in control, Bond twists Caber's arm, and sends him unconscious on his back. Murik then proclaims Bond as the new Champion of Murcaldy.

After Bond is recaptured after the shootout, Murik transports Bond to Perpignan, France. There, Bond escapes at the airport in an attempt to telephone M and Bill Tanner at MI6 of Murik's "Operation Meltdown". At the corner of the Place de la Résistance, Bond is pursued by Caber and three other Scotsmen. He manages to escape them and make a call at a café, and MI6 traces the call to Bond's location.

Shortly after the deaths of Franco and Mary Jane Mashkin, Bond is captured again by Caber and his men, and is tied aboard Murik's Lockheed-Georgia C-14 Starlifter. Bond releases himself, knocks Murik unconscious, and foils Murik's ransom plot calling off the terrorist squads. Caber, whom had returned after eating aboard, engages in a fierce battle with Bond that ends with Lavender Peacock slitting Caber's throat, and his body falling out of the rear of the plane.

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