Captain Alexi is a fictional Russian military captain and minor character who appears in the 2010 James Bond video-game Blood Stone.

Game biography

James Bond: "Tell me Captain, are you sure your men can handle this - the safe destruction of all those bio-weapons?"
Captain Alexi: "Bioweapons? What bioweapons? There are no bioweapons in Russia."
James Bond: "I see. And those men on the boat- in the Hazmat suits...?"
Captain Alexi: "That's the problem with you people in the west. You always think there are WMD's.Then You go to war over it. And then -poof. There are none. You know what kind of paperwork I'd have to fill out if there were WMD's here?"
James Bond: "Clearly, my mistake."
―Bond and Alexi discuss the clean-up.[src]

After James Bond kills Russian industrialist Stefan Pomerov aboard his bio-weapon transporting ekranoplan he is met by a representative of the Russian Armed Forces by the name of Captain Alexi. Asked whether his Hazmat-suited clean-up men are fit to handle the safe destruction of Pomerov's remaining bio-weapons, the captain, eager to avoid the associated paperwork, glibly responds "Bioweapons? What bioweapons? There are no bioweapons in Russia". Continuing, he notes "you can expect my government, to be calling your government, to register a protest for your actions here".

Nursing a broken arm, Nicole Hunter joins the men and after being offered some vacation time together, Bond politely refuses to leave with the her. After she departs the captain expresses disbelief that the spy would turn down such an opportunity. 007, suspicious of a double-cross, requests the use of a private room from where to contact the Secret Intelligence Service. After a joke at the spy's expense, Alexi directs him to the second floor of the nearby police station and tells him to send his regards to MI6.

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