"Well, well... the famous James Bond."
― Carla the Jackal confronts 007.[src]

Carla the Jackal is the code name of a fictional unnamed professional assassin. Employed by industrialist Adrian Malprave, the character appears in the 2001 James Bond video-game 007: Agent Under Fire and was voiced by Erin Cahill.

Game biography

Her true identity unknown to the world's intelligence agencies, Carla the Jackal made a name for herself as a thief with extraordinary abilities for evading capture. She drifted in and out of the shadows of international terrorism and was spotted in Paris, Jakarta, Lisbon, Tripoli and Miami before being photographed in Hong Kong with her latest client, industrialist Adrian Malprave. After tricking James Bond into rescuing a clone of CIA operative Zoe Nightshade, Malprave sends the Jackal to assassinate him and recover a set of vials he took from her Identicon laboratories. Launching a rocket at the agents, Carla unintentionally kills the clone, but manages to temporarily recover the vials.

Later, the assassin is tasked with kidnapping Dr. Natalya Damescu, formerly in the employ of Malprave, and now under protection at the British embassy in Bucharest, Romania. She leads a raid on the embassy and takes hostages inside the building. Inside, she and Bond have a showdown in a warehouse full of crates and an operable crane. Armed with an M4 Carbine with an under-barrel M203 grenade launcher, the Jackal is eventually overwhelmed by 007 and is knocked into a nearby fan using the crane, killing her instantly. After this, bond will remark, "She's fallen for me." Players also have the option to shoot her to death instead, obtaining her FSU-4.


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