See also: Carlos Nikolic for the character from 2006's Casino Royale

Carlos is the colonel of Bolivian police, the chief of all police forces, and the contact of René Mathis in Bolivia. He appears as an antagonist in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and is portrayed by Fernando Guillen Cuervo.

Film biography

Carlos was the contact of René Mathis when James Bond arrives in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Also, during Greene Planet's party in La Paz, he was introduced to James Bond and Strawberry Fields. However, he manages to kill Mathis and smuggle him inside Bond's Range Rover, then ordering the Bolivian police to stop Bond and arrest him. However, this plan fails and the two policemen were shot.  

He later meets with the exiled general of Bolivia, General Medrano, in Perla de las Dunas, a hotel in the Atacama Desert. Before he leaves the hotel with the money that Dominic Greene had given to pay for Medrano's weaponry and forces, Bond jumps on the departing car and shouts "You and I had a mutual friend!" before shooting him in the head. Carlos's body is destroyed when the car reverses into a fuel tank blowing up the car and incinerating Carlos's body.

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