The Carver Media Group Network (CMGN) is a large multi-national news and entertainment company operated and owned by media mogul, Elliot Carver.


CMGN originally began as a newspaper enterprise owned by Carver's father, Lord Roverman. Upon finding out from his adoptive parents that he was the true heir to the Roverman fortune, Carver set out to claim what was rightfully his. Gathering embarrassing and incriminating evidence, Carver blackmailed Roverman into suicide but not before having him rewrite his will to suit Carver's desires. After winning a lengthy court battle with Roverman's wife and daughter, Carver successfully acquired all of Roverman's assets.

With his new found resources, Carver re-branded Roverman's newspaper as "Tomorrow", setting the foundation for his media empire. Having had prior experience with the tabloid and broadcasting industries in his youth, Carver successfully ran the Tomorrow newspaper and eventually expanded into other media ventures such as telecom and the Navstar satellite programme. By the 1990's, the Carver Group had become a media powerhouse, dominating the news, television, film, print, theme-park, and radio industries.

In 1997, Carver intended on launching a satellite tele-network which was able to reach almost every home on the planet, bar China who refused broadcasting rights. It was during this time that Carver secretly prepared to instigate war between China and the United Kingdom, due to the Chinese's rebuff at his offer. At the network's celebratory launch in Hamburg, James Bond managed to sabotage the inaugural broadcast, causing massive embarrassment for Carver. Later that week, Carver planned on inaugurating yet another CMGN complex, this time in Saigon. The opening was again thwarted by Bond who managed to cause minor property damaged to two of the skyscraper's floors as he escaped.

The eventual fate of the company is unknown as Carver ultimately perished in the wake of his plan's failure. A false press release by MI6 reported that Carver committed suicide aboard his yacht in the South China Sea. As Carver's cohort, General Chang, was subsequently taken into custody, it is presumed that he divulged major details regarding the Carver Media Group's conspiracy to incite WWIII. The leaked information would most likely cause a major scandal for the company, tarnishing it's reputation as a direct result.


The CMGN is primarily headquartered in Hamburg as well as regional branches in Los Angeles, Nairobi, Moscow, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, and Saigon.[1]

Known Members & Employees


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