The World Is Not Enough (Game)

The World Is Not Enough is a first-person shooter video game based on the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. The game was published by Electronic Arts and released for the Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation in 2000 and for the Game Boy Color in 2001. This game marks the fifth appearance of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, though like Tomorrow Never Dies, the game included his likeness but not his voice.

As with GoldenEye 007, the in-game weapons are based on actual weapons, but with the names changed. For example, Bond's sidearm, called "Wolfram P2K" in-game, is based on the Walther P99. This was the first 1st-person James Bond game wherein the player could switch the 'mode' in which a weapon operated, such as mounting or removing a silencer or switching from single-shot to full auto. Below is a complete list of every weapon available in the game.

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