The cellphone grapple was a fictional grappling device disguised as a generic mobile phone. The device was developed by the British Secret Intelligence Service's (SIS/MI6) research and development division, Q-Branch and appeared in the 2002 video game Nightfire.

Video-Game appearances

Similar to the grappling device concealed in James Bond's previous phone in the 2001 video game Agent Under Fire, the cellphone grapple was designed by Q to fire a retractable line used for scaling buildings. Like its predecessor, the line launcher is hidden in the top of the phone and will only attach to specific mounting points indicated by the presence of a 'hook' icon on the screen. The phone's appearance varies strongly between PC and console versions of the game. In the console versions, the device is a silver rectangular clamshell-style phone, with an external display on the outside. Inside, the device sported an electroluminescent keypad and blue monochrome LCD display. The model used for the PC variant was a silver compact flip phone more in keeping with Bond's previous phone in Agent Under Fire. It had a green back-lit LCD screen and an spring-loaded latch mechanism to release the 'flip'. Both versions of the device featured external antennae.



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