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Charles Robinson (Profile)
Character information
Name(s): Charles Robinson
Hair/eye color:
Nationality: British
Occupation: Deputy Chief of Staff
Affiliation: MI6
Status: Active
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Colin Salmon
First Appearance: Tomorrow Never Dies (Film)
Last Appearance: Die Another Day (Film)

Charles Robinson is an MI6 aide and Deputy Chief of Staff who appears in the James Bond films Tomorrow Never Dies (1998), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002). He is portrayed by Colin Salmon.

Film biographyEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Initially Charles Robinson was intended as a replacement for the character of Bill Tanner when Michael Kitchen was unavailable to reprise his role from GoldenEye. However, since his performance in Tomorrow Never Dies, he went on to appear in three consecutive films as a regular.

Colin Salmon, who played the character, had strongly voiced his desire to take on the role of James Bond following Eon's decision to recast the role for 2006's Casino Royale. British bookmakers at one point stopped taking bets on Salmon becoming 007 #6 due to the volume of press speculation. He repeatedly received the backing of outgoing 007 Pierce Brosnan - although he believed the producers didn't "have the bottle" to go down that route. Salmon said of the praise, "It's the ultimate accolade. There are some great candidates out there, but Pierce has watched me do five or six screen tests, and he knows I can do it".

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