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Chuck Farrel is a Canadian admiral and a victim of Janus Syndicate assassin Xenia Onatopp. He appears in the 1995 film GoldenEye and is portrayed by Billy J. Mitchell.

Film biography

After meeting Janus operative Xenia Onatopp in a Monte Carlo casino, Admiral Farrell is lured back to her yacht, the Manticore, for a night of fun. In the next scene the two are Having sex. Xenia snogs him passionately and the Onatopp wraps her legs around his chest and proceeds to crush him to death between her thighs and then has a violent orgasm killing him. The following morning, as Onatopp and her accomplice use the man's ID card to steal a prototype Eurocopter Tiger helicopter, James Bond discovers his corpse still grinning from the previous nights activity.


  • Billy Mitchell also played the part of Captain Pederson in 1983's unofficial James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, making him one of the few actors to be in both an official and unofficial Bond film.
  • The Admiral is seen inside the Casino in Monte Carlo. In actuality, men in uniform are not admitted into the Casino due to a dispute with England under Queen Victoria. A British Navy captain bet his ship and lost.
  • Originally a different character was in the script. Xenia was intended to seduce then murder a US Navy Admiral who was the commander of US European Command. The Americans, whose military had suffered a bad reputation due to sex scandals such as the recent Tailhook convention, protested the script, so the character was changed to a Canadian one, but all other aspects of the script remained.


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