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Chuck Lee is Bond's CIA contact in San Francisco who briefs 007 on Zorin's local activities, including his oil-pumping operations. Chuck is a minor character in the 1985 movie A View to a Kill. He was played by David Yip.

Film biography

Lee meets Bond in a fishing pier when he serves freshly caught crabs and is identified as a CIA agent. Both walk by the place and talk about Zorin activities and photographs taken by the Bond auction Zorin horses, and he tells the spy's henchmen Bob Conley and Dr. Mortner scientist, in the photos, it is actually a former Nazi doctor disappeared after the war power in the Soviets called Hans Glaub, specializing in research on steroids. He also warns Bond about the mysterious activities taking place in and around a of oil pumping stations Zorin at bay.

He later meets with Bond and Stacey Sutton oil heiress in her house to exchange and update information about Zorin. He leaves the house to inform his superiors in the CIA but ends up dead strangled by May Day to get in the car, the same way she had killed Sir Godfrey Tibbett previously, his body was found later in a place to Chinatown.

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