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Colonel Fu San Ping is a fictional Chinese intelligence agent working for the People's Republic of China. The character appears in the 2010 video-game Blood Stone and was voiced by David K. S. Tse.

Game biography

Suspecting that a third party was manipulating events to kill Stefan Pomerov, James Bond examines the Turkish courier's phone which had led him to the Russian industrialist. Beside several local phone calls, Bond observed that Bernin had received an unanswered international call before he died. Phoning the number, 007 discovers that Colonel Fu San Ping, an influential Chinese agent, had been attempting to contact the courier. Ping suggests an alliance and meets with Bond at an aquarium in Bangkok, Thailand. He reveals that an economic mercenary has been stealing dangerous technological secrets and selling them to the highest bidder. Related to this, he had a team in Geneva following a lead on a man called Rak who operates out of Bangkok. Before Ping can reveal more, an assassin kills him with a single bullet to the head.

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