Colonel Luis Toro is a fictional Latin American military officer and minor villain, who appeared in the pre-title sequence of EON Productions' 1983 James Bond film Octopussy. He was portrayed by Ken Norris.

Film biography

"Toro eh, sounds like a load of bull."
James Bond to Bianca.[src]
In the pre-title sequence of Octopussy, James Bond is dispatched to destroy an enemy spy plane. Travelling under the guise of a horse trainer, Bond disguises himself as Colonel Toro (complete with a fake moustache, uniform and ID card) in order to access the facility. However, the real Toro notices 007 entering the aircraft hangar and blows his cover before he can complete his mission. Minutes later, Bianca spots Toro's paratrooper guards driving away with a captured Bond and helps free him. 007 attempts to escape in an Acrostar Bede Jet hidden in the back of his Jeep's horse trailer and uses one of his enemies' own heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles to destroy the hangar with Toro inside.