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Count Giulio di Vicenzo was the first  husband of Tracy Bond. During their marriage, he managed to get a hold of a large portion of her money before eventually leaving her; he subsequently perished while driving a Maserati in the company of one of his mistresses. During this marriage, Teresa had a child, who later passed away due to spinal meningitis.

In the film, Marc-Ange Draco tell Bond the story of Tracy's past:

"She went off, without telling me, and married, perhaps with the idea of settling down. But the man, a worthless Italian called Vicenzo, Count Giulio di Vicenzo, took as much of her money as he could lay his hands on and deserted her, leaving her with a girl child. I purchased a divorce and bought a small chateau for my daughter in the Dordogne and installed her there, and for once, with the baby and a pretty garden to look after, she seemed almost at peace. And then, my friend, six months ago, the baby died - died of that most terrible of all children's ailments, spinal meningitis."          

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