Ugo Carnifex, also known as Count Ugo Carnifex, is the main antagonist of Charlie Higson's 2006 novel Blood Fever.


Blood Fever

Carnifex was an Italian millionaire who came to live in Sardinia because of its lingual similarity to Latin. Carnifex was an extreme perfectionist and also an egomaniac who optained an extraordinary degree of grandeur, self-righteousness. He snobbishly labelled Zoltan The Magyar as an invalid to his plan, despite the latter being one of his most fierce and effective allies. He was sadistic and had a hatred of dirt, and as the "saviour" of the Roman Empire, he was head of the Millenaria.

His associates, such as Smiler, were mostly villains and smugglers. Carnifex's plans were thought to be childish dream to Zoltan, yet Carnifex built a fake palace using rock from the crumbling mountain beneath; and art stolen by Smiler and his Millenaria contacts in Eton. He, like Mussolini, planned to rebuild the Roman Empire. In 1933 his scheme was stopped by a 14-year-old James Bond and was crushed under his own plane after his dam was blown up by his old enemy and associate Zoltan The Magyar.


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