Craig Mitchell was a double agent and traitor; he acted as a senior MI6 agent and M's personal bodyguard for five years, while secretly working for Quantum. He appeared in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace and was portrayed by Glenn Foster.

Film biography

Craig Mitchell worked for M for eight years, five of which were spent as her personal bodyguard. Despite passing a full security check and lie detector test every year, the MI6 operative was, in reality, secretly working for the criminal organization, Quantum.

During the early events of Quantum of Solace, James Bond captures Quantum enforcer, Mr. White and brings him to a safe-house in Siena, Italy for interrogation. Bond meets with M and greets Mitchell, who acknowledges him by name. During their discussion, the bodyguard excuses himself to check the perimeter; in the process he secretly murders an agent tasked with guarding the entrance. He returns a minute later to report that all is clear.

As the interrogation commences, White appears amused by MI6's obliviousness to Quantum's existence and informs her that his organization has operatives planted everywhere.

"Well, then, the first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere. Am I right?"
― Mr. White signals to Mitchell.[src]

At this point, White looks to Mitchell, who draws his weapon and kills the security guard present. In the chaos, Bond attempts to wrestle the weapon out of Mitchell's hand, causing a shot to discharge and hit White in the shoulder. The bodyguard eventually gains the upper hand, knocking Bond to the ground and makes for the nearest exit. 007 pursues Mitchell through the tunnel system, emerging in the middle of Siena's Palio Horse Race.

Fleeing through the crowds, Mitchell snaps off several shots behind him, killing an innocent bystander. Eventually the chase leads to the rooftops, concluding with a climactic struggle atop a bell tower. The two men lose their footing and fall through the glass ceiling of an adjacent building. Frantically, they attempt to recover their dropped weapons and take aim, but 007 reacts quicker and shoots first, killing the bodyguard.

Quantum of Solace - Bond shoots Mitchell

Bond kills Mitchell.

Later, Bond meets M at Mitchell's apartment in London. MI6 have been forensically examining the flat for evidence, but find nothing aside from some marked notes connected tenuously with Edmund Slate. A frustrated M laments that he "didn't leave so much as a scrap of paper to explain any of it". Among his personal affects, she found an ashtray and three other Christmas presents she had bought him, suggesting a close working relationship between the pair.

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