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Damian Falco is a fictional character in the James Bond film Die Another Day (2002), played by Michael Madsen.

Film biography

Damian Falco was one of the top-ranking agents at the NSA who, along with Jinx, provided assistance to MI6 as the growing threat by Zao and Gustav Graves grew dire. He first seen when exchanged Zao to Bond in North Korea. After when Icarus attaced the minefield in the demilitarized zone that separates North Korea from South Korea. He ordered to launch an ASAT to Icarus, but it explodes when its self-defense mechanism turned on. Thanks to Bond and Jinx he is saved when Gustav Graves was killed with the steering switch of Icarus.

007- NSA agent Damien Falco (Played by Michael Madsen) in Die Another Day

Robinson seen with Falco (middle) and co.

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