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David Dragonpol is the main villain in the 1993 Bond novel Never Send Flowers.


Early Life

David Dragonpol was born deaf and mute. Because of this, his mother locked him away in the attic. One day, the hatch door to the attic was left open and the young David fell through, an eight foot drop to the floor. This occurrence gave him the ability to speak and hear, but made him mentally unstable.

Later Life

David Dragonpol was a great actor on stage and in film in the 1980's. His acting abilities were so profound that it was said that his every expression gave the viewer the ability to see inside him, earning him the nickname "The Man With The Glass Head". He eventually quit the theater business to convert parts of his family's ancestral home on the Rhine into a museum of theater. It is later revealed that his condition had worsened to a point where his brother Daniel had started to make public appearances in David's stead. David was engaged to Laura March, but she quickly calls off the wedding when she learns of his condition.


David Dragonpol commits murders with a high powered air-rifle disguised as a cane with a duck's head handle. Dragonpol hires children and teenagers to leave single white roses with red petal tips at the graves of his victims. late in the book it is revealed that he only kills because he enjoys the feeling of satisfaction when he can pull them off with no flaws. David kills many unrelated people of importance in waves. His first murder that was consequential to the plot was that of his ex-fiancee Laura March in the Swiss Alps. This prompts an investigation by James Bond

Never Send Flowers

James Bond and Flicka von Grüsse arrive at Dragonpol's castle to see Dragonpol posing for a painting. Dragonpol discreetly orders for Bond and von Grüsse to be held captive. they later break out and track down Dragonpol to Italy where he is apprehended, only to be killed by his brother who is later revealed to be David himself. Bond then pieces together that Dragonpol seeks to murder Princess Diana and her sons at EuroDisney. Bond arrives before the park opens and he finds Dragonpol. Dragonpol and Bond fight, only to end up with both of them nearly drowning until bond shoots the explosive Dragonpol had set, killing Dragonpol and saving many lives.

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