David March is a minor antagonist character seen only in flashback in the 1992 James Bond novel Never Send Flowers by John Gardner.

Novel Biography

Early Life

March is the insane brother of Laura March who is simply described as good-looking. He murdered five young blonde women before being sent to a correctional facility. Throughout the novel the reader is led to believe that he may still be alive as the main antagonist David Dragonpol, but it is later revealed that they are separate individuals and that David March is in fact: dead.

David had begun to study Egyptology as a hobby. David later on began to believe that the truth in the world could only be found in ancient Egypt. at the age of sixteen, David built an altar to Isis in his parent's garden, but his heavily roman-Catholic mother forced him to stop worshiping at it.

Never Send Flowers

The Murders committed by March occurred North of Preston, March's home town,and began just before Christmas of 1971. They began with the murder of Christine Wright. her body was not discovered until Spring of 1972. following Ms. Wright were Bridget Bellamy, Janet Fellowes, and one female never given a name. all were blonde, and around their mid to late twenties, and David March had cut off each of their heads, likely while they were still living. David had sacrificed them to the Egyptian goddess Isis, and revered the heads, now each in their own formaldehyde filled glass carboys in his refrigerator, as oracles. upon inspection, David believes that Isis speaks to him and commanded him to pick out six blonde women with fair skin, show them love, and kill them. David believed that the heads could speak, and would speak to him. David told each of his love interests/victims that his mother was dead, and that his father was terribly ill, and that he was to inherit their fortune, while David's father was well, he considered his mother dead. David was sentenced to life plus 99 years in an institution for the criminaly insane. March was diagnosed as: manic-depressive, psychotic, hysteric, and psychopathic. while in the facility, David would often be likable and friendly, but when the need to kill returned, David tried to kill another inmate and a nurse.

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