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Die Another Day

The Die Another Day soundtrack cover

The soundtrack was composed by David Arnold; this is his third time composing for a James Bond movie. The soundtrack was released on Warner Brothers Records, which is also Madonna's label.

Although the Bond films have a longstanding connection with the pop music world, the choice of Madonna's song, coupled with the use of The Clash's London Calling, proved wildly controversial with some fans who felt the two pieces of music were inappropriate for a Bond movie. "London Calling" was used briefly in the film as Bond returns to England via British Airways; at the time, the airline was using the song in American radio and television commercials.

The title song for Die Another Day was written and sung by Madonna. Madonna also had a small cameo in the movie as Verity, a leather-clad fencing instructor.

Madonna's theme song was unusual in that it was presented in a credit sequence that actually moved the film's plot along (as opposed to all previous Bond film titles which are standalone set pieces - an exception being the third segment of the Dr. No titles). The concept of the song/title sequence was that it represented Bond trying to keep his sanity during 18 months of torture at the hands of the North Koreans. The divided opinion over the "Die Another Day" theme is evidenced in that it was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song as well as for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song (2002).It peaked at number eight in the United States and remained as her last top 10 hit until "Hung Up" (2005).

Track listingEdit

  1. "Die Another Day" - Madonna
  2. "Bond Vs. Oakenfold" - (Oakenfold mix)
  3. "Gun Barrel / On The Beach"
  4. "How Do You Intend To Kill Me Now, Mr. Bond?"
  5. "Hovercraft Chase"
  6. "Kiss Of Life"
  7. "Peaceful Fountains Of Desire"
  8. "Welcome To Cuba"
  9. "Jinx Jordan"
  10. "Wheelchair Access"
  11. "Jinx And James"