Doctor Simonsson is a minor character in the James Bond novel Icebreaker by John Gardner.

Novel Biography


After Rivke Ingber is severely injured during a land mine explosion, Bond, Brad Tirpitz, and Koyla Mosolov race to her aid. A medical team arrives via ambulance vehicle (from a small hospital in Salla, Finland) complete with a young bearded doctor named Simonsson where they place Ingber on a stretcher. The doctor places his hand on Bond’s shoulder, and tells that Ingber has suffered two fractured legs, frostbite, and advanced hypothermia in perfect English. He then invites Bond to the hospital to come see see her.

Following this, Bond calls an operator only to learn that Ingber has never arrived to the hospital nor can identity a doctor named Simonsson. It is quite possible that Simonsson was actually an agent of the National Socialist Action Army.

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