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Dolly is the fictional love interest of steel-toothed assassin Jaws. The character appeared in EON Productions' 1979 film Moonraker and was portrayed by French actress Blanche Ravalec.

Film biography

When Jaws crashed into a cable car control room and had a cable car wire supporter stuck around him, Dolly helped free him, the two smile at each other, they were instantly attracted to each other, leaving the wreckage together. The two walk with each other hand in hand.

She is later seen with Jaws aboard Hugo Drax's space station. When Drax announces his megalomaniacal plans for godhood over a new master race sired by his handpicked ubermenschen, he also declares that any handicapped people or anyone who fails to meet his standards will be euthanized. This frightens Dolly, being that she is petite, nearsighted, and nerdy in appearance, and hardly looks like the beautiful women Drax considers to be the mothers of his future race. As such, she would probably have been euthanized under Drax's mad vision of perfection. Jaws' affection for her that leads him to switch sides and help James Bond, after Jaws realizes she is in danger. Enraged, Jaws begins attacking Drax's men. When the US Marines invade the station and stop the deadliest plant pod release, Dolly takes advantage of the firefight to hide. Once the Marines have left, she and Jaws reunite. Taking a bottle of champagne that was intended for the sexual procreation of Drax's attractive couples, Jaws pours Dolly a glass and speaks his sole sentence in the Bond films.

Later, Dolly and Jaws help Bond and Holly Goodhead escape from the shuttle in Moonraker 5. Jaws and Dolly survive aboard a separated section of the space station, but their current location is unknown. As Colonel Scott remarks that he sees a capsule with "a tall man and a short woman" entering the mesosphere, it was likely they were found by NASA and guided to the surface safely.

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  • In 2016, a strange debate has erupted and split James Bond fans on the 'Mandela Effect' about Dolly's braces[1].