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Dolly is the love interest of the steel-toothed assassin Jaws from the 1979 film Moonraker. She was portrayed by Blanche Ravalec.

Film biographyEdit

 When Jaws crashed into a cable car control room and had a cable car wire supporter stuck around him, Dolly came up to Jaws and helped him out of it and they soon fall in love and walk away from the wreckage. She is soon seen with Jaws aboard Drax's space station and her smile was also what brought Jaws to side with Bond. She managed to hide while the US Marines manage to stop the deadliest plant pod release and when the Marines left, she and Jaws manage to reunite and Jaws finds a bottle of champagne and two glasses and Jaws poured it in the glasses and sat down and he toasted "Well, here's to us." Later, Dolly and Jaws manage to help Bond and Goodhead away from the shuttle in Moonraker 5 and they soon hug as the spot where they were separates from the shuttle. Jaws and Dolly manage to survive but their current location is unknown. It is possible that she and Jaws went and lived a quiet life.

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